A new model  

where patients, providers & engineers help each other


We are building an online portal that connects healthcare providers to YOU, while providing either paid or voluntary participation in clinical studies and trails. This will allow hospitals to better serve their communities through home-based diagnostic applications within or outside our product ecosystem.


The OmniMed portal connects healthcare providers to patients for clinical studies, world-class engineers to help build real products, clinical trial support, an ecosystem for deploying FDA approved applications and instantaneous home monitoring insurance reimbursement.

We want to help increase your quality of care, by improving patient outcomes through provider owned medical applications hosted by OmniMed.


Insurance can be there to help patients if conditions are identified early on. By helping healthcare providers get their technology to market, we can leverage existing reimbursement codes for remote diagnostics developed by the providers themselves. This will allow people to have free access to the best diagnostic applications, while providers receive reimbursement for each in-person, verified remote detection.


Hospitals need the best engineers too, so they can turn medical research into viable applications that help generate new revenue streams, which allows the communities they serve to benefit from these applications. We want to make it as simple as possible, for providers to understand and find the engineering talent they need, in order to bring their medical research too market.

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