Omni • Watch  

||| EMG detection |||

Omni • Watch

We wanted to bring our ideas to market faster to help grow the company. So, we created an affordable smartwatch, with high function and beautiful design.

Dual screen

The 2nd bezel touch screen is designed for watch OS navigation & quick info glance. The main screen is non-touch enabled, but you can still get around quickly.


Omni • Watch is ONLY 10.5mm thick with a full metallic body. You can take a shower or swim with its IP68 certification. We aim for unique experiences by habbit.


Fatigue & activtiy detection (EMG), heart rate, calories, sleep, notifications and GPS. Our passion is in innovation, so we are excited about Omni • Watch 2 already.

What's next

As much as we would LOVE to include fancier bio-sensors and features, we need to grow in order to bring YOU a better future of health & communication technology.


New direction

A new company was formed around a more clear direction and technology focus, which changed from HealMet Inc., to Kb4E Inc.

Nov 5, 2017

Early validation

First real validation and early results regarding the creation of a new multi-stage method for translating the electrical activity of the heart (ECG) into continuous blood pressure compared to the standard of arterial lines.

Aug 10, 2018

Omni • Watch

Changed initial company product direction to speed up market release not centered around extensive validation, intellectual property and FDA requirements for a new medical device. Omni • Watch was Born.

Nov 1

Best fit

Wearable market research to address were Kb4E fit and what we could potentially improve quickly: affordability, design, and EMG are where we felt we can deliver the biggest impact while avoiding early financial requirements of FDA 510k process to reach the market faster.

Nov 5


Completed Omni • Watch designs and engineering. Secondly, we established relationships with the largest manufacturer for China Mobile, currently located in Shenzen, China.

Dec 15

First prototype

Received first fully functioning prototypes of smartwatches with smaller low energy screens without EMG, GPS and 2nd bezel screen: Omni • Watch (EB).

View images Feb 13, 2019


New Kb4E website in preparation for Omni • Watch and Omni • Watch (EB) pre-orders, launching late this March. For the first 30 days, Omni • Watch pre-orders will start at only $15, with remaining payment charged only at the start of mass manufacturing.

Feb 25


Start to implement/submit last changes to hardware design for larger and improved screen quality, second bezel touch display and EMG. Additionally, watch OS will be redesigned based on new specifications.



Entry level Omni • Watch (EB) start pre-order shipments in July. Main Omni • Watch pre-orders within the first 30 days start shipments in October. Moving forward we will be making constant improvements to IOS/Android applications, EMG, heart rate, step count, sleep analysis on an ongoing basis.